[blog] my S.E.A. backpack 2011 trip


Northern Laos ♥♥♥

Tuesday 20
Early arrival at Vientiane, capital of Laos ♥♥♥
Very interesting city, with French inspiration (baguettes, croissants, buildings, ..) and the lao coffee is excellent.
Totally scared the evening, I lost my wallet with Visa card, bills,… but someone brings it to the hotel (lost there) 😛 Some confusions with the guesthouse manager who said only at the end that he had the wallet…

Zip line in Nam Lik ♥

Wednesday 21
Green Discovery organised a trip between Vientiane and Vang Vieng via a Zip line in Nam lik ($57).
Safe and well-done but it was not so interesting except the excursion in the jungle.
We splitted with Catherine this day, she was not really interested by this kind of activities and a bit tight on schedule.
Joined at Nam Lik a nice group of three Australian girls and a Dutch guy.

A night at Vang Vieng ♥♥

Vang Vieng

Very nice landscape, but very touristic for its tubing and bars ..

Luang Prabang ♥♥♥

Thursday 22
Arrival in the center of Luang Prabang at 3:30pm, with a big headache: the road was totally destroyed … I was not able to do anything in the afternoon!
Rendez-vous with Catherine. Tried the famous Chicken Laap: kind of meat salad, very good, but a bit too spicy for me 😉

Friday 23
I tried to have a lazy morning, but awakened at 7:30am. Took a Lao-style breakfast (porridge) and a Lao coffee with Catherine and a German guy.
We visited together the city and ‘Phou Si’ temple on the hill with a nice panorama.
Catherine needs to go back to Bangkok she had her flight to China.
She was a very nice travel-mate, and very interesting to travel with her to share our different point of views.

Walked in the handicraft night market where I found by surprise Charlotte, met in the south part of Laos!! So fun! So we decided to spend the evening all together with Arthur, Matthias and two Israel guys.

Saturday 24

Luang Prabang waterfall

Pickup to see the waterfall where I swam in the powerful flow! And met the Australian girls from the Nam Lik zip line..
Discussed on the way back with a Japanase guy, we eat together. I tried the excellent Green curry soup and of course a beer lao!
I took a night VIP bus with Chloé from New-Zealand to Luang Namtha for me. The aim was to find a 2-day trek in the National Park of Luang Namtha.

Next: 3-day trek in Luang Namtha NPA park ♥♥♥♥